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YouTube’s PiP Mode Launching Out For Non-Premium Consumers

Initially restricted to just Premium consumers, the PiP (picture-in-picture) mode by YouTube is now launching out to non-Premium users out of the US. The PiP mode of YouTube is presently launching to non-Premium consumers in Italy, and is expected to be launched to other nations slowly but surely. “The choice to switch on PiP mode can be seen in General menu of the YouTube’s Android app Settings, but it only operates on machines operating on Android 8.0 Oreo or above editions,” the media claimed lately.

On the other hand, as per support page of Google, non-paying consumers in the US are being capable of benefiting from PiP playback using ads. Consumers who do not have a subscription for YouTube Premium can play a footage (non-music one) then get out of the app and see if it continues into PiP mode or stops. They can also verify the app’s setting.

Speaking of YouTube, YouTube TV is now accessible in every TV market of the US after it was launched in Glendive, Montana, the final one YouTube required to end the launch. It had just a handful of markets to include after a broad branch out in January this year, which made the platform accessible to 98% of people in the US at the time.

It is worth observing that relying on where you reside in the nation, you may miss out quite a few channels. You can verify what is accessible in your region by adding in your zip code into the official website of YouTube TV, even though in over 90% of industries the service comprises domestic affiliates for chief networks all over the world. You will require a sufficiently solid Internet connection to manage the live streams as well, of course.

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