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Robo-Couriers By Starship Concludes 50,000 Deliveries

The delivery robot sector is still small, but there are indications that it is developing. Starship Technologies has declared that its self-directed courier robots have finished 50,000 commercial deliveries all over the world since its first service rolled out in 2018 in the UK. It also showed off that the robots have covered a distance of over 200,000 Miles.

It is not exactly a huge number in comparison to normal delivery firms. FedEx was exporting more than 15 Million goods daily as of February 2019, while Domino’s Pizza delivers over 2 Million pizzas daily. Starship is a small number if compared, even though it is also serving a far smaller figure of areas that only lately comprised university campuses and college in the US.

The number is distinguished all the same. It displays that there is a segment for delivery bots, though modest, and that it is not just a test. We would add that most of the firms are just beginning robotic deliveries. You’re expected to see a development in these numbers all over the sector.

On a related note, self-directed delivery drone systems are arriving in earnest in the US. Matternet and UPS are rolling out a drone “airline” that will employ the robotic aircraft to convey medical samples between health care facilities of WakeMed in North Carolina. The drone can only transport almost 5 Lbs at distances of almost 12.5 Miles, but it must still be cheaper, faster, and more consistent as compared to the present system of driving samples all over the town employing cars. They will not have to cope with traffic snarls, finally.

This is not the flexible drone delivery platform you may have dreamt of. Drones will fly on fixed paths, with a skilled Remote Pilot-in-Command observing the trip. It is part of a larger pilot program by FAA trialing public-private associations comprising drones.

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