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Researchers Find Magnetar 6.5 Billion Light Years Away From Earth

A researcher at University of Arkansas is fraction of a group of astronauts who have verified an eruption of X-ray emission from a galaxy almost 6.5 Billion Light Years far. This is constant with the mixture of 2 neutron stars to make a magnetar. A magnetar is a huge neutron star with a very commanding magnetic field. On the basis of this study, the scientists were capable of calculating that mixtures similar to this take place almost 20 times annually in every area of a galaxy, which is billion light years far.

The study team, which comprises assistant professor at the University of Arkansas for physics, Bret Lehmer, studied data from the flagship X-ray telescope of NASA—the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

The Chandra Deep Field-South study comprises over 100 X-ray studies of one region of the sky for a course of over 16 Years to gather data about galaxies all over the universe. Lehmer, who has operated for 15 Years with the lab, worked together with associates in Chile, China, and the Netherlands, and at the University of Nevada and Pennsylvania State University. The research was posted in Nature.

On a related note, earlier in November 2014, astronauts witnessed a rare scenario: A huge black hole at the galaxy’s center, almost 300 Million Light Years away from our planet, tearing away a passing star. The occasion, dubbed as a tidal disruption flare, for the massive tidal pull by the black hole that tears apart a star, generated a rupture of X-ray activity close to the galaxy’s center. Since then, a series of labs have skilled their insights on the event, in expectations of knowing more about how black holes work.

Now scientists at MIT have pored through data from observations of various telescopes of the event, and found an inquisitively stable, intense, and periodic signal, or pulse, of X-rays, all over the datasets.

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