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Drug Trafficking Ratio Can Be Decreased By Increasing Manufacturing Jobs

An economics professor at Harvard at IMF, Melissa Dell presented a realistic and factual phenomenon about the connection between crime such as drug trafficking and economic opportunities. The drug trafficking and job opportunities in Mexico have an inverse connection between them; based on the study which she co-authored named, The Violent Consequences of Trade-Induced Worker Displacement in Mexico, in 2018.

Dell stated that we often find some instance in the towns owing to job losses. Post job loss, there has been a rise in drug trafficking, violent crime, and their effects are truly brutal.

“People’s confidence in public institutions has declined after manufacturing job losses,” she said. “If you aren’t optimistic about the ability of the state to resolve your issues that are actually too big to get solved personally, directs them to get in criminal activities.

Dell met three other emerging economists on a panel led by IMF Director Christine Lagarde on international cooperation at the annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank. As the concern continues in countries like Mexico, economic conditions seem to get worse, causing more people to enter the crime. According to his research, 25% of the increase in crime in Mexico can be explained by economic conditions. To discourage individuals from combating crime and violence, Dell suggested that the IMF work more directly with countries to increase the availability of jobs in industry and increase public confidence in their governments.

She also suggested that nations such as Mexico, which spend a lot of money fighting drug addiction, would do well to invest in job adjustment programs so that employees are exposed to others jobs as drug trafficking.

Some of the other measures are already executed is the social-economic policies to deal with the crime and its growing network throughout Mexico.

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