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Nutritional Benefits Of Green Tea Yet To Be Confirmed

While green tea can provide a few benefits due to antioxidants, its other benefits remain unknown. Clinical trials carried out on the green tea are yet to show its positive effects, as per Nancy Allen. While it may have benefits, no hard evidence has been found for most of its claims. Green tea’s benefits are derived possibly from catechins. These are potent antioxidant based compounds called flavonoids, as per Chelsey Schneider of MSBICC in NYC. One catechin called EGCG is more concentrated in portions of green tea compared to black or white tea. This compound is stronger than Vitamin C & E, which have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are responsible for preventing cell damage. White, green and black tea comes from same plants, stated Allen, a certain spokeswoman for ADN.

Green tea usually is prepared from mature plants while the other white tea preparation is from plants in early development. Preparation of black tea grounds is from tea leaves which are covered with damp clothes. They then ferment, giving it a richer, darker flavor. However, catechins are lost in this process. Catechin and caffeine levels can enhance metabolism levels and fat processing as per UC DDN experts. However, for visible weight loss, much green tea has to be taken. Green tea can also improve heart health, reduce LDL cholesterol, lower heart attack risks, relax blood vessels and decrease inflammation, with chances of lower cancer risk as well.

ACS states that ovarian cancer risks can be reduced by green tea consumption. However, a Cochrane Library review showed conflicting and insufficient evidence available for links between cancer prevention and green tea. While some studies state that oral, pancreatic, endometrial, ovarian and breast cancers can be overcome. No sufficient numbers of human trials are available to back this fact. Green tea can also reduce brain aging as seen in a study on Japanese subjects who consumed green tea. Most studies are in Asiatic countries though.

Schneider stated that adding sugar to green tea was unhealthy. Cream or milk addition was also not a healthy idea since milk could block antioxidant effects.

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