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New Raspberry Pi 4 Promises Higher Speeds, Supports More Modern Devices

More than a million hobbyists have been won over by a desktop computer that is the size of a credit card, called Raspberry Pi. The newest version after the February of 2016 was set to release on Monday. This version promised a more reliable speed and higher device connectivity.

This device has an old school look to it. It resembles a raw hardware part with quite a few outputs that are used by the hobbyists to build music, digital arts, games etc. The Raspberry project has forced people to put on their thinking caps for the past few years. There was an instance where a private cellular network was built by a group of inventors by creating a connection between one radio interface and Raspberry Pie.

This device runs a Linux OS version, housing a number of programming languages like C++ and Python. Keyboard, monitor and a mouse are not provided with the basic version. This Raspberry Foundation has sold almost 6 million pieces of the device globally till 2018. Its co-founder and inventor, Eben Upton recently reported news of its success. Gartner Group announced that Raspberry Pi has acquired almost 2.5% of the total share of PC market globally.

Now, Raspberry is not expected to challenge Apple or Microsoft in the near future. Yet, it is innovative technology has attracted a lot of attention. Upton also added that the new Pi 4 would add a boost to the sales. This new version is set to support two HDMI-based displays with up to 4k resolution and faster speed. There have been some ground-breaking upgrades, yet the price still remains $35 per piece for the basic version.

This device was initially aimed at students to help them take up Technology and Science as a future career option. As the initial ambitions were fulfilled, Pi started achieving newer goals. Moore’s law, which states that computers are set to gain capabilities with a reduction in cost every two years, stands fulfilled. Upton said that there is always room for improvement, as the developing countries require such technology in the near future.

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