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Scientists Find Ways To Make Money Out Of CO2

Scientists from all over the world are gathering in Germany to discuss various options of using carbon dioxide to make money. Transforming CO2, which is harming the planet with its heat in to something that is beneficial for the humans are, their goal. They don’t assure that the climate changes would be restored but the process might help a bit.

CO2 has been put to use to create fertilizers, polymers, foams, proteins and fuels. Until now, it was believed that the emitted CO2, from energy firms that burn gas to run their processes, would have to be buried underground. It is a costly method and non-efficient; so, using CO2 as raw materials is considered to be good for the industry.

Manager at the Carbon Utilization Center, Sheffield University, Katy Armstrong said that we need products according to our lifestyle because our every action has an impact. She further said that the industry needs to alternate to a manufacturing process where less emission of CO2 is given, and if they can find a way to reuse the emitted carbon dioxide, it will be better.

Many young business firms are already using more CO2 and emitting less, and making money out of it. Three such firms include CCM Technologies, Swindon which is converting CO2 to fertilizers; Strutt and Parker Farms, Suffolk is transforming CO2 to beer bubbles; and Carbon 8 Aggregates in Leeds is converting CO2 to building blocks.

Approximately, 37 giga tonnes of CO2 is emitted annually from houses, cars, planes, industries, machines, offices; the question that lies in our face is that how can it be converted and utilized by the industry. A report said that about 7 gigatonnes of CO2 per year can be used in manufacturing new products. Armstrong said that it is a huge optimistic approach because every tonne of CO2 used is not heating the environment.

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