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Diet Advices Don’t Give Results And There’s A Reason For It!

Every decade, dietary advices are changing; like sometimes fat is bad but then it is not. These days, carbs are considered enemy of people. But new studies that are into latest machine learning technologies and health testing, have found that a single diet cannot benefit everyone; even the identical twins need different food diets.

Many guidelines that companies use in selling their products have been undermined by these studies. The author of “The Diet Myth” and a professor of the King’s College, London, Tim Spector, recently finished the largest one of its kind nutritional study which examined the ways in which the participants processed the food. They included 60% twins in the participants. The results from his research were published at the conferences of American Society of Nutrition and American Diabetes Association, earlier of this month, to encourage revised thinking on nutrition.

In an interview, Spector said that huge differences have been found in people. Your body might respond to sugar differently as it does to fat; also varying at the time of the day. As per the research conducted at the hospitals in Boston and London, the participants received similar meals before conducting some tests like fat, insulin and sugar change. The key findings of these tests were that some people had rapid increase in insulin and sugar level in their blood; identical twins had different responses to same meals; other factors like the time of the day the people ate and if they exercised or not also contributed.

Spector’s advice on diets is that people should keep trying new and healthy foods; they never know what would suit them and what they have been consuming might be dangerous to them. He is hoping to get into a new phase to use latest technologies to help people in avoiding foods that might lead to weight gain or other risk factors, by trying new alternatives.

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