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Top Defense Gen Says Small Satellites In Earth’s Low Orbit Likely To Meet Defense Needs

Last week, during a press conference, Paul Selva, VC of Joint Chiefs of Staff said that with small satellites revolving at low earth level could provide impeccable support for military activities. General Paul Selva will retire next month; his four year office term would come to an end. The vice chairman has to properly operate Joint Requirements Oversight Council. All of the acquisitions of DoD are vetted by JROC.

During one of the press interviews, Selva stated that SDA will fill requirements for space-based services as well as global communication. Selva further stated that the agency has authority to accelerate the process of getting get new hardware and they are also responsible that military needs get fulfilled by the equipment.

In one of the recent interviews, Fred Kennedy stated that proliferation LEO constellation is considered as the ultimate answer for reliable mode for communication on a global level. Proliferation LEO is a constellation of small satellites which revolves in the lower orbit of planet earth.

While speaking to the press, Selva said that, it is the duty of JROC to check whether a program meets military requirements or not. He further stated that the Air Force doesn’t have a demand for LEO constellations.

Previously one of the spokesperson of JROC stated that it is the need of the hour that all of the defense units should work in a collaborated manner at a significant bandwidth. The spokesperson further stated that this will provide opportunity to military units to perform the task in an efficient manner. In a press event, Selva also said that due to implementation of LEO proliferation it would be a great help to the defense system of the country.

Though most of the government organizations are focusing to design complex satellites, many private organizations are trying to focus on LEO constellation. In a recent interview, Selva also said that it is more economical to manufacture smaller satellites than designing bulkier ones.

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