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Particle Physics To Finally Get A New Chapter—Report

Particle physics has been stagnant for a time much longer than what any physicist would have wanted it to be. However, the long wait of physicists around the globe might just end now as breaks in the perfect symmetry of the universe are expected to introduce an all new index to the contents of particle physics. It has been observed that some particles and forces might not follow symmetrical parity and may look different with their mirror image.

The identical image or mirror image is obtained when any fundamental reaction between the subatomic particles of universe are called parity. If the image obtained is exactly identical, it is then said to be following parity symmetry. However, reactions that involve the weak nuclear force do not tend to follow the parity symmetry. This has led to a mentality that there must be other reactions too that won’t follow the parity symmetry. These hypothetical non-symmetrical parity following reactions, if found, would actually change the entire Standard Model of Particle Physics. The difficult part here though is the fact that these reactions are too weak to be observed by regular instruments. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), near Geneva, are the best bet to find any such reaction and they’re giving it their best to hunt them down.

Talking of the new entrants in Particle Physics, physicists had discovered new particles with five quarks back in March. The LHcb collaboration of CERN announced the “pentaquarks”, a clutch of particles that have five quarks. The existence of quarks too was a big breakthrough in particle physics. Everything around us is made up of quarks, elementary particles that combine to form atoms or protons. Despite all these discoveries, the dark matter remains something that still eludes all top physicists trying their best to give particle physics a perfect definition.

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