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Nurse Lucy Letby Rearrested In The Chester Hospital Neonatal Deaths

Sensational, Heart breaking news which had shaken whole nation was the arrest of a nurse, who was responsible for the deaths of the infants in the hospital. Nurse Lucy Letby, in the Countess of Chester Hospital has been rearrested on charges of murdering 8 infants between 2015 and 2016. She was given bail on grounds of inconclusive evidence but has been resurrected due to accusations of an attempt to murder of 3 more infants.

Last July, Nurse Lucy Letby was apprehended for the first time after an investigation was set up by the police, who were looking into the complaints that many infants were actually dying in the Chester hospital and most of it happened under the care of Lucy. Later, she was charged with the murder of eight babies along with an attempt for the same for 6 more. Police ravaged and searched her house after the initial arrest but could not find any proof as such and this had to release Lucy on bail. However, fresh accusations lined up, putting her under the investigatory spotlight once again and it was followed by her arrest for the charges of attempt to murder 3 more infants as well.

Currently, the Department of Police at Cheshire are at their wits end about the ongoing investigation which started almost 2 years back and the deaths of infants in 2015 and 2016 were investigated. The number stands at a whopping 17. Along with this, police are also looking into another related matter, collapses of non-fatal type at the neonatal unit between March 2015 and July 2016.

The Cheshire hospital is cooperating completely with the Cheshire Police in this particular case. Many families have been severely affected by the deaths and they are being kept in the loop about the progress of the investigation as they deserve some clarity about what happened to their infant babies the most.

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