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Researchers Find A New Way To Filter Air Of Methane, A Greenhouse Gas

A new study has been taken up by UMBC’s Glenn Wolfe and other collaborators that focus on methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas found in Earth’s atmosphere. The methane is the third largest gas found to have an overall effect on climate after water vapor and carbon dioxide. It has been found that more the methane accumulates in the atmosphere, the more heat is trapped in. thus, it is important for the climate models to know the duration when in air and breakdown time. When methane comes in contact with a hydroxyl radical, it leads to oxidation and in turn destroys toxic air pollutants.

The OH is the most vital oxidizing agent in the lower atmosphere that controls the life span of almost all reactive gas. The triggering of OH is a current issue faced by climate models. NASA has its satellites analyzing the atmospheric formaldehyde concentrations past 15 Years. The current study relies on the data and the new observations obtained from the Atmospheric Tomography (ATom) mission of NASA. It has been orbiting the world with the goal of collecting samples. The flying laboratory collected a lot of data on atmospheric formaldehyde and OH levels for explaining the relationship between both the gases.

The scientists have found concrete evidence connecting formaldehyde and OH and that is the formaldehyde levels are consistent whereas the OH concentrations require more of satellite study to be performed. The measurement of OH and formaldehyde is easier above the ocean but quite complicated when it comes to measuring over the forest. The focus on methane for a better understanding of the global climate still needs work. Tesla has sold its federal greenhouse gas emissions credits to GM and Fiat Chrysler. The credits are sold for attaining the zero-emission goal. The selling is carried out as a cap-and-trade system for restricting pollution by the automakers and also imposing an extra price for those who still have proved inefficient in their fuel efficiency.

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