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Dreamliner’s Maker Boeing Witnessing Claims of Manufacturing Issues

According to a new report from the New York Times, the space giant pressured workers to speed up production at a Boeing plant in North Charleston, South Carolina.

After an interview with more than a dozen employees and former employees of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner factory, it goes through “hundreds of internal e-mail pages, documents, and company records,” The New York Times stated on Saturday that the newspaper’s analysis unveils an ethnicity that frequently values production quantity above quality.”

Boeing officials have filed a large number of safety complaints with the federal government over issues ranging from poor manufacturing practices to tools and debris left on aircraft. Workers say they have been pressured to report regulatory violations to the authorities, reports the New York Times. The investigation showed that Boeing employees had installed defective parts on the facility’s aircraft and that some aircraft even performed test flights with fragments such as tools and metal fragments on the aircraft engine or tail, creating a budding security hazard.

Boeing denied production problems with Dreamliner and the company said, “Teammates in South Carolina are producing the highest quality levels in our history,” a statement to The New York Times said. However, the newspaper also stated that at least one major airline, Qatar Airways, was frustrated with production problems at this Boeing plant as the company chose to purchase its Dreamliners only at another Boeing facility in 2014.

The report raises questions about the production process of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner at the time the company is already being investigated, including a federal criminal investigation, in the Boeing 737 Max certification process.

An internal memo was sent by Boeing’s spokesperson stating that 787 program has achieved a lot to feel honored of in these current days. It also states that the quality metrics have reached to highest ratings ever.

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