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Hyundai Employs Tech To Equip Boring Reputation Of Its Sonata

The last few years have been hard on the sedan sector. Since a number of drivers are going for increased cargo space and the higher seating position of SUVs, sales of 4-door car have dropped. So you would think that Hyundai might just silently update the Sonata with a bigger engine and perhaps add some technology all over the place as it waits for the sector to drop.

Rather, the latest sedan of the Korean automaker is going all in with a more dynamic driving, radical design, and sufficient tech to make you think if this car was not created in the Silicon Valley.

The latest Sonata has the ordinary infotainment system updates and Advanced Driver’s Assistance System (ADAS), but it is the vehicle’s blind spot cameras that are the most fascinating technology in the vehicle. When a driver employs a turn indicator, a feed from a side camera comes into view on the dash cluster. So for instance: if you switch on the left indicator, the left dash cluster’s gauge turns into a monitor for the left portion of the vehicle. If you switch on the right indicator, the right dash cluster’s gauge does the same.

On a related note, the gas-fueled Hyundai Kona is a fantastic tiny crossover. It is fun to drive, it is affordable, it has room for you, and it is got distinctive styling. Then Hyundai gone further and created an EV edition of the small SUV and it is a better car in almost every sense. But, more essentially, it is the electric vehicle that a lot of people have been hanging around for.

The Kona EV is a magnificent electric car that hits all the bars. It’s jammed packed with tech standard, it has the most excellent range in its price segment, and it has got the utility purchasers crave. It is the EV all of us have been waiting for.

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