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Amazon Workers Ask The Firm To Adopt A Climate Change Pipeline

In an open letter to Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos and board of directors, a number of employees have requested the firm to accept a broad-ranging plan to deal with climate change.

“Amazon has the scale and resources to spark the imagination of the world and redefine what is necessary and possible to deal with the climate problem,” the letter claims. “We think this is a historic chance for Amazon to stand with workers and indicate to the globe that we are ready to be a climate dominator.”

The letter, which had got over 3,500 signs, is the newest instance of tech sector workers going public to force management into action. Employees at firms such as Microsoft and Google have organized around a series of problems. Amazon itself has encountered earlier pushback from workers too: in 2018, a group of employees criticized the firm’s move to sell facial recognition equipments to law agencies.

Workers, mentioning Amazon’s work for gas and oil firms and what they define as inadequate plans for action on climate issue, are requesting the firm to pledge to various objectives.

On a related note, in his yearly letter to shareholders, Bezos claimed to his firm’s retail rival, urging them to commence a price battle on the minimum salary they pay their workers. Amazon shifted to a $15 minimum salary in the US at the end of 2018—although it did so with slashes to stock grants and benefits that meant some workers might end up being compensated less, which then resulted Amazon in announcing a further boost in wage to set right the situation.

Yet, in a nation with a centralized minimum hourly wage of $7.25, the firm’s decisions can be considered developmental. In June of 2019, Target aims to increase its minimum hourly salary to $13 (from the present $12), before of a decision to shift to $15 hourly by 2020.

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