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Blue Robot Can Be The AI-Based Bot Of The Future

Worldwide robot sales have increased 2 times over the last 5 Years, but the robots used in warehouses and factories these days are very similar to what we had decades back. They are precise and powerful but costly to purchase and dangerous for mankind to work together.

A new robot from UC Berkeley (Blue) plans to change this with the assistance of AI. Blue appears a bit like a drawing of a robot by a child: it is made from 3D-printed & bulky parts, and it has a couple of humanoid robot arms. It can be managed employing VR handsets, which allow users to wave their hands about and then the robot will wave back. It can also be educated to manipulate objects with AI, a control technique that is still shockingly unusual in robots.

The roboticist leading the project, Pieter Abbeel, needs to alter this, and he claims that Blue has been developed from the ground up to take benefit of latest enhancements in AI. “The fact that AI is turning out to be more capable offered us a chance to rethink how to develop a robot,” Abbeel claimed to the media in an interview.

Speaking of robots, when the Olympics in 2012 arrived to London, the organizers depended on a group of volunteers to manage the crowds and assist them find their path. But when the games in 2020 arrive to Tokyo, it will be robots performing the same task.

Earlier, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics’ organizers revealed a powered exoskeleton and 2 robots that will be used to assist attendees and workers during the games. The robots, created by Toyota, will show way to users to their seats, offer data, and carry drink and food. There is the HSR (Human Support Robot), which has an in-built arm for carrying baskets and trays.

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