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Apple Stops Taking $99 Fee To Transmit Data To New Devices

If you have a lot of data that you require to shift to your new Mac, here is a good news for you. Apple silently did away with the $99 charge it takes to shift info to your new computer from your old Mac. The policy modification became live from this month. Moving forward, if you buy a new Apple device or take your PC in for repair, Apple will move your info with no extra cost.

Still, you might not require in the first place the data migration service. Gone is the era where you might require an ethernet cord or Thunderbolt cable to shift data to your new PC from your old computer. That process can sometimes take long time. While the process has not gotten faster, tools such as iCloud and Migration Assistant make it simpler for consumers to shift the data on their own. Consumers do not have to deal with connecting cables or any cords and can just shift their data using WiFi. But if you would rather Apple manage the mess and not danger losing any data, you now have the choice to do so with no extra cost.

On a related note, it’s been a long time since there was a huge update to Apple Clips, but it may be worth waiting if you are a promising mobile auteur. An upgrade to the iOS application has launched support for tailored soundtracks. If you are fed up of the royalty-free tunes, you can convey your own music.

You may also like this launch if you are big on homesickness since there are a number of retro features. To start with, there is a camcorder filter to offer videos a flair of ’90s. Almost 8 new posters comprise both “colorful vintage designs” and a blue camcorder recording screen.

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