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Researchers To Eliminate Or Minimize Cancer Treatment Hair Loss

Scientists from the University of Huddersfield disclosed that they are aimed at completely eliminating or minimizing hair loss, which is said to be one of the most stressful side-effects of cancer treatment. They stated that they are focused to achieve this by the combination of scalp cooling, which is already proved to be effective in 50% of all cases, with an especially formulated lotion or shampoo, which can be applied to the scalp.

Research at the new Scalp Cooling Research Centre established at the University is supposed to help in the quest for zero hair loss. This research is supported by Huddersfield firm PAXMAN, worldwide technology leaders. The research team includes experts in design technology and biology. Dr. Nikolaos Georgopoulos, center Co-Director, proclaimed that it is the world’s foremost multi-disciplinary research center that is focused on scalp cooling. He assured that the latest research center holds the capability to take scalp cooling research to advanced level.

On a similar note, scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, came into the news as they disclosed the outcomes of their latest research. In this research, the scientists discovered that jumping genes are common in cancer. They as well highlighted that these genes promote tumor development by forcing cancer genes to be switched on.

The scientists analyzed about 7,769 tumor samples collected from about 15 diverse cancer types. They discovered about 129 jumping genes that hold an ability to drive tumor development via their influence on about 106 diverse cancer genes. The jumping genes were working as “stealthy on-switches” in about 3,864 of the tumors that the team studied. These tumors samples were collected from the colon, breast, skin, lung, brain, prostate, and other types of cancer patients. A recent Nature Genetics paper offers a complete account of this research.

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