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Yahoo Might Pay $117.5 Million To Compensate Data Breach

Yahoo has entered the courtroom again with an amended settlement deal meant to make changes for its huge data breaches. If this deal is accepted, the firm will give $117.5 Million. From 2013 to 2016, Yahoo had 3 different breaches. The first leaked data from a predicted 3 Billion accounts and is now the biggest data breach ever. The 2014 breach of Yahoo, which exploited 500 Million consumers, follows this breach.

In January 2019, Judge Lucy Koh refused the first settlement deal by Yahoo. It called for Two years of free credit monitoring and a $50 Million payout for almost 200 Million users in Israel and the US. But Koh declined the initial deal since it did not say how much the negotiation was worth or how much users may likely to recover. Now, it is up to Koh to make a decision if this deal gets a green signal.

On a related note, tech firms carry on having issues with obviously offensive search terms, and Microsoft is no exemption to the law. The media found that Bing was recommending offensive results even if you had SafeSearch switched on. If you looked up for “black people are” or “Jews,” for example, you would see auto-complete suggestions for racist. Even an innocuous clip hunt for “Michelle Obama” might turn up bigoted recommendations, while picture searches provided queries for underage females and analogous revolting (not to mention unlawful) outcomes.

Microsoft has since removed the offensive terms. In an interview, Senior Director Jeff Jones claimed that the firm took offensive material “extremely seriously” and that team members carried on to “improve our systems” to avoid that type of material from coming up in recommendations. Microsoft will “take measures” whenever it is aware of an issue, Jones claimed to the media. The incident underlines the hurdles internet behemoths carry on to face.

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