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Uber Vouchers Allow Companies Buy Rides For Their Clients In Bulk

Uber revealed a new product this week dubbed as “Uber Vouchers” that is developed designed to assist companies sponsor discounted or free ride-hail trips for their clients. It is the firm’s newest service targeted at increasing B2B segment, and the declaration follows right before the firm is likely to formally declare its public offering.

Firms that already provide clients transportation such as rental cars or shuttle services, be it in the insurance space or in the hospitality segment, can now employ Vouchers to provide Uber rides rather. Restaurants and bars can provide discounted “devoted driver” rides to clients who have been consuming alcohol. Sports teams can pack rides with other loyalty advantages in a bid to motivate fans to make the trip to view the upcoming games.

The new product is accessible in a number of cities where Uber is working. Companies can register for Vouchers by visiting the official site. The B2B team at Uber started beta trialing Vouchers late in 2018 all over an assorted group of restaurants, retailers, and services, with more than 100 worldwide associates comprising Live Nation, TGI Friday’s, MGM Resorts, the Golden State Warriors, Freshworks, Sprint, and Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield.

On a related note, Lyft and Uber are reportedly aiming to offer cash bonuses to some of its drivers with the aim that those drivers might then be capable of using the cash to buy stock in the two firms’ individual imminent IPOs, as per a new media report.

It is a complex workaround to a unique issue facing the ride-hailing firms, who cannot give stock to their drivers owing to SEC regulations that avoid offering private firm shares of stock to contractors, who theoretically are not considered full-time workers below the law, as per the media reports and sources, who wished to be unnamed.

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